Our Company

Proper Parking Company is a professional service entity based in Los Angeles, CA & West Palm Beach, FL specializing in the following services:

Founded in 2012, Proper Parking’s mission is to provide simple, accessible, affordable, and most importantly, convenient parking solutions for anyone and everyone who visits our locations(.) We do this through innovative, adaptive and intuitive technology, coupled with a friendly, understanding and passionate staff.

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about convenience—making the ongoing concern and hassle that parking is — easy. Having accessible, affordable, and convenient parking options is the most crucial component for the success of any business, office building, university, public shopping center, sports arena, etc. Our goal is to eliminate the worry and added stress of parking at any location throughout Los Angeles, whether it be a local shopping center, a country club, an empty parking lot needing a management system, or a restaurant looking to serve its guests with a premium valet service.

We achieve this goal by hiring hardworking, trustworthy individuals who are passionate about customer service and providing the highest quality guest experience. The “parking people” are the first person a guest meets when they arrive at a venue, and the last when they leave, making their job the most important in creating a lasting impression.

Our value is added through our sharp image, rigorous recruitment process, and technology that works with just about any location or parking situation.

Proper Parking's vision is to create a future of parking solutions that is adaptive to any circumstance. We want everyone to forget about the headache that parking is, especially in Los Angeles, where locals and tourists all wish one common thing--no traffic and cheap parking. We don't want our clients or the greater community to have to ever worry about parking at their building, office, venue, or private hhome. Leave it to us to analyze, understand, and implement the proper solutions for proper results.