Focus Points

Legal Department

We maintain an in-house legal department that handles any and all disputes that may arise with patrons at no cost to our clients. In addition, all city license and permits, insurance, bonding and third party agreements relating to servicing our clients are prepared in-house at no extra cost!


Our on-site parking staff is instructed that first impressions are paramount and that being courteous, friendly, well spoken, well kept and attentive is the only way we conduct business. We also perform inspections without notice to assure that our image is maintained and in line with yours.

Educated Staff

Our on-site supervisors have earned or are in the process of earning a college degree, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and understanding of your needs and the needs of your guests.

Punctual Service

We emphasize a “no waiting policy” for patrons requiring promptness and attentiveness by our on-site staff. We offer mobile solutions for venues that prefer a quick turnaround, coupled with an adequate staff to increase operational efficiency of parking at your venue or special event.

Finance Report

We maintain an in-house accounting department that includes a licensed CPA who prepares financial reports on a daily basis. We ensure all the numbers make sense and are accounted for so you don’t have to!

Trust company-contract

We perform detailed background investigations for employees assuring clean driving records, insurability and the ability to provide the highest quality service. We even obtain recommendations from prior employers for the peace-of-mind that all patrons’ vehicles are in good hands.